The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (2002)

A character driven story delivered by an exceptionally talented cast.

Gift (2013)

A young boy despises his father for being poor and unsuccessful, but years later realizes how wrong he was.

The Pilot’s Tale

Even if I watch and review a lot of films - sometimes I stumble upon a title or an actor which are well known...

The Shots of Noah’s Ark (1983)

A soul piercing story of an innocent boy who passed through the fear and confusion of war, The Shots of Noah’s Ark will be appreciated by every fan of quality cinema.
Monkey Bar Mafia

Monkey Bar Mafia (2010)

Monkey Bar Mafia focuses on a "criminal" organization run by 10-year-old kids at the Camarilla College. While the action at first appears to be part of a game, the boys and their "ruthless" leader are really serious about their organization and its major goal.

I’m Not Scared (2003)

A story of children and adults, of innocence and evil, friendship and cruelty, is the world of the prepubertal seen through the eyes of the protagonist.


Abandoned also known as Torzok is a powerful movie. It was made in Hungary and is a fine example of the East European cinema....

Saint Ralph

I really liked “Saint Ralph “. It is great movie full with inspiration. Ralph is a fourteen years old teenager who choose to chases...
totally true love

Totally True Love (2011)

Totally True Love has something for everyone: challenges, drama, intrigue, romance, joy and sorrow  – all of that plus a unique insight into what a ten-year-old girl can do in the name of love.

Gente de bien (2014)

Gente de bien (English: Well To Do People) is a 2014 Coming-of-Age drama focusing on social inequalities.

Henley (2011)

Henley is a short film with a twisted story -- shocking and provoking and soon to be made into a full-length feature film.

Little Boy (2015)

A 2015 US/Mexican co-production, Little Boy ranks as one of the best Coming-of-Age films I have had an opportunity to see and review.