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chrisitan beadlesIf you follow the world musical scene and are entranced by young and budding performers such as Justin Bieber, Jordan Jansen, Cody Simpson and MattyB, chances are you have also heard of Christian Beadles.

If you are girl in your teens, you probably have a crush on him and are surfing the Internet desperately to find more information about this young singer. Or, as in my case, you may have stumbled upon his uplifting song, Yes I Can, which he recorded with MarsRaps.

In the description of his video at YouTube, Christian writes that he  is  “not  a rapper or singer”. But, honestly, I think he has a ton of potential to be both, especially after seeing the fan base he is accumulating.

The clip of his debut song has been seen half a million times at the time this article is being written and I predict that soon it will surpass the million views milestone. One of the things that drew me to his song was the inspiring lyrics and their positive message.  But that should come as no surprise as MarsRaps is involved — and with him you can be sure that songs will have a real message.

To summarize:  Christian Beadles is a 13 year old boy who lives in the USA. He was born on November 22, 1996 and  is a good friend of Justin Bieber ( maybe that partly explains the hype around him). When asked to describe himself he says:

“I love to laugh and have fun. I love God, my family and my friends. I love hanging out with my big bra Justin.”

A simple statement at first glance but, then, the followers of Justin (the most devoted ones for sure) will know that their idol is also a religious boy who has a lot of respect for God, his family and friends. Of course, the media machine is creating this super hyped profile of Justin – but than again that is what the PRs are paid for and, aside from his talent, the reason for his popularity.

But back to Christian Beadles…

Having seen most of the clips he’s posted on YouTube, I have the impression that he has a great, outgoing personality. His videos are funny and I sure hope that, when he gets signed, his management won’t require him to remove most of them as often happens with young singers who are more or less obliged to do that in order to keep up with someone’s idea of how their style or image should be presented to the world. One of the coolest videos he made was WAZZUP –  with his sister Caitlin, MarsRaps and MattyBRaps.  It’s funny and creative and I remember when #WAZZUP was going for a trending topic on Twitter. Some people just don’t get it.  But that’s just because their definition of having fun may be slightly different. Like all popular youngsters nowadays, Christian is guaranteed to get  both fans and haters  — though  I can’t really understand what’s  to hate in someone having fun and expressing himself .

Remember the name — Christian Beadles.  And remember that you heard at that this talented young performer is going places — and very soon.

Some trivia :
Favorite TV show : Silent Library, American Idol
Favorite Musician: Justin Bieber, Usher, Jay-Z, Chris Brown
Hobbies: football, soccer, basketball, skateboarding, tennis, jumping dirtbikes, racing motorcycles, writing songs, skiing, ice hockey, hanging with his friends, being crazy.

To find out more :

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  1. I love Christian, i follow him on twitter and am like a walking commercial for him at school. Christian is such a great actor working somewhere in LA now and inspiring more people wherever he goes. As for Justin i am pretty much the same, i walk around school always singing his songs and telling people about him. I truly love both of them and i because Justin already has i KNOW Christian will go places #muchlove

    ~@TReneeLove (my twitter)

    • will, christian is adorable, but he kind of have the same voice as mattyB, which is good because they both have a great voice.christian, you actually have an awesome voice, and i think that we’re the same age if your 14….

  2. Hello Jeniffer,

    Thank you for sharing your opinion. I can assure you that at time time I wrote the article Christian I did not think anything about Justin Biber ( of whom I like few songs , but am hardly a fan ). It also work the other way around – if the boy is talented should he not succeed , just because he has a famous friend ? I agree with you that there are many talents out there that deserve recognition – yet someone has to notice them first – not a producer, may be a friend , a blogger and it might pick from there….
    In the case of Cristian his song is great , Mars`s lyrics are great and having noticed MattyB before – following his carrier and the one of Mars , it came naturally that Cristian was spotted as well

  3. I have nothing against him, I am also a fan of his youtube channel. It’s hilarious, but he’s not good enough to become a singer/actor. His video’s were only viewed because of Justin Bieber. It’s not fair, just because he knows Justin Bieber personally doesn’t mean he should get into the business. There are alot of talented people out there that deserve this recognition.

  4. Christian is just amazing! I found him right after reading your article about MattyB where he and MattyB made a “WAS UP” video. Not only was it humorous but very well done.

    The kind of videos these two boys are making are astounding and very professional. Christian’s new video “Yes I Can” is not only catchy but addicting! I’m not sure where he will be in 10 years but I can only see a great future for him in anything that he sets his mind to. The reason is because he believes “YES I CAN” that kind of attitude can not fail!

  5. You seem to have uncovered yet another strong talent, skykid. I’m not a huge lover of rap music, but I was very impressed with the depth of this young man’s lyrics. I think he’ll go far.


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