Love child

lovechildI have only heard good things about the film. According to CVMC – it is the gem of the collection of short films on their DVD titled ” Love child and other shorts ” and I happened to agree with their assessment . The story revolves of the rite of passage experiences of Murray Murray growing up in the 80s .  In the first scenes when Murry is confused about all the things grown ups do ( after hearing his parents at night ) , he asks his friend ( a girl his age ) who has a ready explanation :

” Its a matter of sexual and personal expression. Of course there is also the purely physical aspect which should not be underestimated. Its all part of growing up….”

That same girl things of Murray as of her boyfriend – while he himself falls for his older sister. As one could get from the movies title – the flick is full with love and youthful confusion and innocence .  The great soundtrack contributes to the hippie atmosphere . The best part of the movie are definitely its ending scenes – as they are both visual rich and well shot.