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    De Boskampi’s/Little Gangster (2015)

    A twelve year old boy, fed up with being bullied all the time, uses his family's move to a new city to reinvent himself: into the son of a Mafia chieftan.

    Markus and Diana (1996)

    An entertaining comedy with strong Coming-of-Age motifs.

    Milk Money (1994)

    Do yourself a favor and seek out Milk Money now, for its comedy, drama, Coming-of-Age nuances and everything in between. Highly recommended!

    The Liverpool Goalie (2010)

    First-love, friendship, bullying, self-acceptance and respect, The Liverpool Goalie shares the characteristics of many Coming-of-Age films, but without clichés. A fun filled, refreshing cinematic experience.

    Simon Says Goodbye To His Foreskin (2015)

    A Coming-of-Age film without false pretense, with an incredible cast, great directing, and precise editing. It's engaging, inspiring and so much more.

    Lokas (2008)

    I hadn't laughed so hard in a long time. Lokas is a wonderful comedy from Chile directed by one of that country's greatest directors: Gonzalo Justiniano. The plot...

    Winnetou’s Son (2015)

    A 10-year-old boy seeks to be cast in the role of a famous Indian Chief's son in a local theatrical production.

    No Kidding (1960)

    No Kidding is a delightful comedy with quirky characters that is guaranteed to brighten your day.

    Maicol Jecson (2014)

    A Coming-of-Age wonderful, bizarre and original story that is one of the best Indie flicks I have seen/reviewed of late. Highly recommended!