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    Giuseppe Bausilio and Life After Billy: An Interview

    He played Billy Elliot in three different productions of the musical. But now that spotlight has been turned off. What has Giuseppe been doing since "retiring" as Billy? An exclusive interview...

    Ulrik Munther: A Debut Album

    Seventeen year old Ulrick Munther is already on a jetstream to fame, with a just competed tour of his homeland of Sweden, photo shoots in Paris, and contract talks in London, LA, New York and other places! Fan sites are piling up and, recently, his new debut album went “top of the charts”! Here’s a review of that premiere album…

    Film preview: Hugo (2011)

    "Hugo" is Martin Scorsese's new movie based on the best selling book by author Brian Selznick "The Invention of Hugo Cabret". It will be released on Thanksgiving Day, 2011. Learn more in this preview of the film.

    Das Goldene Ding (1972)

    Das Goldene Ding is a 1972 made for TV film, released in West Germany, which follows in much detail the Greek myth of Jason. It's the retelling of the legend made popular by Jason and the Argonauts, using a new and unique approach to filmmaking and storytelling for its time. A "must see" for fans of the coming of age genre.

    The Annunciation

    Review of the Hungarian coming of age film The Annunciation at

    Jacquot de Nantes

    With time I came to appreciate the French cinema. This is true especially when it comes into producing rite of passage  films as the...

    Le grand chemin

    An adventures of an 9 years old boy from Paris in a remote French village.  The way he reacted to the things he saw...

    The art of Pierre Joubert

    Not long ago, I introduced you to the art of Norman Rockwell. Today, I would like to introduce another famous illustrator - Pierre Joubert.  He was...

    Iluzija (2004 )

      "Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torment of man."   This is the first  movie made in...