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    Star Boys (2017)

    Rebellion, friendship, confusion and the inevitable loss of one's innocence – all motifs one expects to see in a rite-of-passage film -- are present in Star Boys.

    Milk Money (1994)

    Do yourself a favor and seek out Milk Money now, for its comedy, drama, Coming-of-Age nuances and everything in between. Highly recommended!

    Artun (2014)

    The Icelandic short film Ártún (2014) portrays the rites-of-passage of its young protagonist in a daring, true-to-life manner.

    World Wide Woven Bodies (2015)

    World Wide Woven Bodies is as much about the Coming-of-Age of a Norwegian teenager as it is about the advent of the internet as a 90s historical event.

    Moiré (2014)

    An eight-year-old struggles to establish his self-identity in this Spanish short film featuring at top notch performance by Hugo Arbués.

    Hazel (2012)

    Flamboyant, quirky, funny, provoking and original – all of these describe this 2012 short film from Switzerland.

    Crazy Love (1987)

    A film in three acts, following its protagonist from childhood through adulthood. Shocking at times, it's none-the-less recommended.

    My Life So Far (1999)

    My Life So Far offers a splendid depiction of innocent childhood curiosity -- a perfect choice for a family's evening entertainment.

    My First Claire (2010)

    A funky, refreshing film that accurately portrays the anguish/confusion surrounding the discovery of youthful sexuality.