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Anthony Gargiula: Amazingly Gifted Singing Super Star

Anthony Gargiula, better known as Anthony G from New York, is most likely best known for his many singing engagements at major sporting events opening with the US National Anthem. Some of his appearances include The Ellen Show, Carnegie Hall, The Today Show, not to mention the Belmont Horse Race in 2008. Anthony is both a naturally talented singer and an amazing personality. See exclusive interview with Anthony G here.

An Exclusive Interview: Krissy-Jo Williams

Excerpt from the interview with Kristy-Jo Williams: "I don't know why I am so connected to that song (Me and Bobby McGee) but it is really emotional. I just love playing it. (Sigh) I don't know why, maybe because I love sixties and classic rock. I've grown up with that music."

Christian Beadles

If you follow the world musical scene and are entranced by young and budding performers such as Justin Bieber, Jordan Jansen, Cody Simpson and MattyB, chances are you have also heard of Christian Beadles. Remember the name -- and remember that you heard it here that this talented young performer is going places -- and very soon.

An Exclusive Interview: Shane Foxx

Shane Foxx is an independent musician from Lyon, France. In a far ranging interview for and for radio, we asked Shane about his music and his plans for the future.

Exclusive interview: Yatharth Ratnum

Several months ago we introduced Yatharth Ratnum - a promising young singer and performer from the holy city of Varanasi, in the north-east of India. Now, due to the immense interest towards him and his music, has conducted an exclusive interview with him.

Introducing Devin Fox

The world is full of great talents and, thanks to the Internet, we are now able to discover them much more easily than in years past. One of the missions of is to support and promote young talent and today I would like to introduce a new talent : Devin Fox.

The wonders of YouTube : Greyson Michael Chance

The power of social media never ceases to amaze me. Nowadays, you sing a song, upload it to the web and, with a bit of luck, before you know it you are an internationally known star. Now it has happened again. This time the spotlight is on 12- year-old Greyson Michael Chance.

Gaby Borges

Introduction to the young and promising star Gaby Borges, featuring an exclusive interview with her for

Matt Larsen On The Mystery Artist Show

Matt Larsen -exciting award winning singer/songwriter from Perth, Western Australia . An interview with him for The Mystery Artist Show, Radio.