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    Introducing Tae Brooks

    Tae Brooks has a refreshing, spunky swag singing style that is balanced with humor and sensitivity. He is a unique talent in the making.

    Introducing Jack Cassidy

    13-year-old Jack Cassidy is an emerging recording artist and is also a soloist at his local church, where his smooth and soothing voice has made him very popular for his gospel music.

    Introducing Frank Dixon

    Thirteen-year-old Frank Dixon is a fast-rising singing star from Australia, receiving kudos for his songwriting and performing and for his marvelous acting skills.

    Christopher McGinnis on The Mystery Artist Show

    Today, Christopher McGinnis is a 14-year-old, multi-talented entertainer. He is a singer, song-writer and actor who's father began working with him when he was just five-years-old. Here's an interview with Christopher, first aired on's "Mystery Artist Show".

    Introducing Johnny Hammer: An Interview

    Introducing 14-year-old Johnny Hammer a young Christian Techno singer whose music features an upbeat, modern sound. Meet this impressive young man in this exclusive interview.

    Julia Belanoff: Timeless Music with a Modern Twist

    With the voice of an angel and the soul of an artist, 16-year-old Julia Belanoff is a rising soprano whose music is peaceful and uplifting; the kind, she says, that teenagers, parents and grandparents can enjoy, together.

    Claudia Lee: Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Dreamer

    Meet 15-year-old Claudia Lee, a fresh new singer, songwriter and actress with a hit TV show behind her and an exciting new country album on the way.

    Introducing Ben Babylon

    Referred to across the board as a genius, a brilliant pianist and an amazing talent, Ben Babylon has also been praised for the emotional maturity with which he approaches music and his ability to interpret the songs he plays. With such a wealth of talent, it's not hard to believe that he'll make it far in the music industry.

    Ulrik Munther: A Debut Album

    Seventeen year old Ulrick Munther is already on a jetstream to fame, with a just competed tour of his homeland of Sweden, photo shoots in Paris, and contract talks in London, LA, New York and other places! Fan sites are piling up and, recently, his new debut album went “top of the charts”! Here’s a review of that premiere album…