Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon

Review of the coming of age classic book Boy's Life by Robert McCammon . Audio review of the book is included in the article.

The Amulet: A Book Review

An easy-to-read, skillfully written adventure that questions values from a child's point of view. It has you not wanting it to end.
During an outing on the river , young James (Chris Cleary Miles) and his perspective adoptive father , Graham Holt (William Hurt) , become better acquainted in Warner Bros`s emotional drama, Second Best.

David Cook: A Retrospective

A reflection on two novels of David Cook that focus on childhood, adolescent development and intergenerational relationships.
king dork

King Dork: A Book Review

High School life -- with all its experiences and pitfalls.  A Coming-of-Age story that anyone 13 and older will love as much as I did.

Bamboo People: A Book Review

Bamboo People offers an intimate peek into the Coming-of-Age experiences of two teenagers who experience the horrors of the civil war in Burma.

Man without a face

The Man Without a Face: A Book Review

A beautifully crafted portrayal of a boy's rite-of-passage experience during a summer in the 1970's as he prepares to take a school entrance exam.

Where the Boys Are: Cinemas of Masculinity and Youth

"Where The Boys Are: Cinemas Of Masculinity And Youth : Contemporary Approaches to Film and Television Book Review at
The Boy who Dared

The Boy Who Dared

The Boy who Dared is a coming of age masterpiece - a powerful representation of what it must have been like to grow up in Nazi Germany. It's highly recommended to the readers of

How High Should Boys Sing?: A Book Review

As the author states: "This is not a book about church music. It is about boys singing".  An study about the uniqueness of treble voices.

The Top 5 Coming of Age Books for Girls

The Top 5 Coming of Age Books for Girls

Coming of age books for girls are somewhat interesting in that they look not at the physical aspects of the shift between girlhood to womanhood, but at the mental gears that have to be shifted. There are some great books that cover this area; these are the Top 5.

Looking For Alibrandi: For Any Girl Looking To Fit In

Born to a teenage mother and raised with the well meaning assistance of an intrusive Italian family, Josie believes her heritage to be the burden that defines her young life. Her Catholic upbringing taught her about martyrdom, and she applies the term with passion every day, delighting in any opportunity to remind others how hard she has it; "We live in the same country but we're different. What's taboo for Italians isn't taboo for Australians."

A Child Called ‘It’

Survival - that's his main goal. But is survival feasible when you are "no one" to your family and you are not considered a person but an "it" ?