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The Stone Boy

The Stone Boy (1984)

The Stone Boy is an American drama that deals with the sensitive subject of grief. It's not a story that younger viewers are likely to engage with and may prove boring even for the hardcore coming of age fan.
The Boy Who Walked Backwards

The Boy Who Walked Backwards (1994)

In The Boy Who Walked Backwards, the poignant acting of the young Holger Thaarup as Andreas -- combined with the intriguing musical score of Nikolaj Egelunds, the skilled camera angles and the excellent editing -- result in a wonderfully told story which I don't hesitate to recommend to viewers of all ages.

Losing Track (1992)

Losing Track is a 1992, made for TV movie, produced by BBC Screen One. It tells the story of a father and son who have lost their connection after a long separation. This movie is sure to tug at the heartstrings of its viewers, as it touches on universal issues such an obsession with the past and father- son relationships.

NimmerMeer (2006)

NimmerMeer (also known as Nevermore) is a German film released in 2006. It is a wonderfully told coming of age fairy tale that can be equally enjoyed by adults and children and is a film highly recommended to the readers of theskykid.com.