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Jackrabbit (2013)

The tale of one boy's struggle to protect himself and his mother and sister from the fists of his abusive father.

Last Ride (2009)

A 2009 Australian film that is essentially a Road movie - but one with significant Coming-of-Age overtones.

Jerrycan (2008)

Jerrycan delivers an intriguing viewing experience by challenging the viewer to perceive the world through the eyes of a kid who is yet to form his character.

Monkey Bar Mafia (2010)

Monkey Bar Mafia focuses on a "criminal" organization run by 10-year-old kids at the Camarilla College. While the action at first appears to be part of a game, the boys and their "ruthless" leader are really serious about their organization and its major goal.

Bush Christmas (1947)

Set in Australia, five kids set out on a quest to recover their father’s favorite horse, stolen by passing horse thieves. 

Jaron Natoli – Better Off On My Own

Jaron Natoli is a name you want to keep in mind. I LIKED his first album, but I LOVED the second one. Better Off On My Own is an album I do not hesitate to recommend.

Jack Vidgen – “Inspire”: A New Album

Jack Vidgen's new album, "Inspire", is mainly a collection of covers from the '70s and '80s, inspiring many fond memories of some great songs of that era.

Brothers3 on The Mystery Artist Show

The Brothers3 are, as the name implies, three brothers who are songwriters, singers and actors from Australia.  The original audio version of this interview was aired on The Mystery Artist Show on radio earlier this month.

Introducing Frank Dixon

Thirteen-year-old Frank Dixon is a fast-rising singing star from Australia, receiving kudos for his songwriting and performing and for his marvelous acting skills.