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    Last Summer (2018)

    Beautifully shot and immaculately acted, Last Summer relates the tale of four young boys whose lives change forever when a horrific tragedy uproots their childlike innocence.

    Grand Hotel (2016)

    A pleasant cinematic experience well worth one's time, Grand Hotel is a must see.

    My Friend Percy’s Magical Gym Shoes (1994)

    A Swedish Coming-of-Age film based on a youth novel by Ulf Stark that will be enjoyed by younger viewers and grown-ups will find heartwarming and touching.

    Winnetou’s Son (2015)

    A 10-year-old boy seeks to be cast in the role of a famous Indian Chief's son in a local theatrical production.

    The Fire That Burns (1997)

    Friendship, love, rivality, obsession are among the issues addressed in The Fire That Burns. A "must see" film!!

    Holger & Vilde (2010)

    A bitter-sweet story about friendship, growing up, first love and everything in between.

    Always Number One (2009)

    The story of the encounter of Florian and Daniel -- two pupils at a German boarding school.

    Un Chateau en Espagne (2007)

    Un Chateau en Espagne isn’t a masterpiece, but its story is pleasant enough to keep you entertained — one of those feel good movies that are perfect time fillers. Recommended!

    The Selfish Giant (2013)

    The Selfish Giant is a tough movie about tough kids, tough people, tough luck and tough fate and it will take a lot of effort on the part of the viewer not to be affected by its poignant story.