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    The Perfect Game (2009)

    Based on a true story, "The Perfect Game" is the story of a group of boys from the small industrial town of Monterrey, Mexico who dream of one day travelling to America to play in the Little League World Series (baseball). One of the best underdog sport stories of all time.

    Cooper and the Castle Hills Gang (2011)

    "Cooper and the Castle Hills Gang" is a fun film with an adorable young cast and an adventurous plot and... a few surprises.

    The Ultimate Coming of Age Gang

    Here is a compilation of the most compelling Coming-of-Age protagonists who, with their own idiosyncrasies, make up what would be the ultimate Coming-of-Age gang!

    Shelved: The Rise and Fall of 11:11

    Have you heard of a Coming-of-Age movie titled 11:11? You might be interested in the new extensive "making-of" documentary of the film.

    Shoeshine (1946)

    "Shoeshine" is a classic of the Coming-of-Age genre of film. Released in 1946 and set in post WWII Italy, its the story of two boys, best friends who earn money by shining the shoes of the American soldiers who occupy the city of Rome. Shoeshine is a touching, emotional and poignant film by the renowned director, Vittorio De Sica.

    Displaced (2010)

    In 2010, Rick Stevenson directed Displaced, a moving short drama about a young boy who is having troubles adjusting to the foster homes he is being sent to.

    Looking for Miracles (1989)

    Looking for Miracles has achieved classic status over time and it's a perfect family flick whilem, at the same time, having excellent coming of age value.

    The Flyboys: (a.k.a. Sky Kids) (2008)

    Some films you can see once and forget you ever saw it. The Flyboys: (a.k.a. Sky Kids) (2008) is not one of those films. From the very first scenes, you can tell this is going to be a movie that will capture, not only your attention, but also your heart!

    Exclusive Interview: Leonard Proxauf talked to the 14-year-old actor Leonard Proxauf, who stars in the Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winning film The White Ribbon and the artful fairytale from Germany Nimmermeer (Nevermore).