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Abandoned also known as Torzok is a powerful movie. It was made in Hungary and is a fine example of the East European cinema....

Put the camera on me

The fact that I did not have Internet tonight was more of a blessing than a curse as I get to dig some of...


A tale of violent legacies between two generations of brothers

Nobody Knows

The acting is good , the story as well - it is a coming of age story and still the movie seemed a bit...

Hearts in Atlantis (2001)

Not only this this is a good Coming-of-Aage movie but, when it finished, I had to question myself as to who actually learned more...

The ultimate coming of age movie list

Films focusing on the coming of age experience listed alphabetically . TheSkyKid.com brings you the best reviews of coming of age films and adolescent development

Ciske the Rat

Much more than another coming of age movie – Ciske the rat is a fine example of the Dutch cinema.

Pelle the Conqueror

Pelle erobreren   Sometimes I stumble on a movie which all of the sudden turns out to be a real masterpiece. Pelle the Conqueror really surprised...

Duma (2005)

Duma reminded me of one of my favorite books “Rules of the Bone ‘. It is a movie about friendship between a boy living in South Africa and a cheetah named Duma. At first the story line may seem a bit simple, but then you will notice all the serous issues Duma deals with.

Close to Leo (2003)

This movie was for a while in my collection, but it wasn't before a friend of mine reminded me about it – until I decided that...

End of the spear ( 2005)

Chase Ellison – just that name is enough for you to know that the movie you are going to watch will be a good one. And he is not the only star that shines amongst the actors in that production - Chad Allen who plays the role of a missioner

Our Lady of the Assassins

I have watched two movies today – both weren’t very good. Our Lady of the Assassins was one of them. Despite the fact that...

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The War with Grandpa (2020)

The War With Grandpa is a typical family-friendly, easygoing comedy that will keep you laughing.

Raymie (1960)

A Coming-of-Age film about a nine-year-old boy who is an avid fisherman with a big dream: catching a legendary giant barracuda know as Old Moe.

Wallah Be (2002)

A stray dog and a song contest test a young boy's mettle in this Danish Coming-of-Age film.

Lolo (2019)

A Coming-of-Age film that addresses a sensitive subject in a fun, easy-going manner. 

Seduction Theory (2014)

Seduction Theory features an excellent performance by its youthful lead and superb storytelling -- a great way to experience an original and well told Coming-of-Age story.