Introducing Daniel Porter

Introducing up and coming musician Daniel Porter -- a 14 year old (at the time of this writing) guitar player and singer.

Introducing Keanrah

If you like upbeat vibes, colorful and vibrant video clips and, of course, a singer who genuinely enjoys his time under the spotlight (in front of the camera), you'll love this young performer from Germany.
dima borodin

Introducing Dima Borodin

Get ready for a young talent who is going to take the world by storm. Introducing, Dima, a young singer from the Ukraine who plans to release his first album this year which will feature all new songs.

Ulrik Munther

Meet 17-year-old Ulrik Munther from Sweden - gifted guitarist, songwriter and singer. Best when he's performing ballads, Ulrik's music is real and sincere.

Introducing Ranel Bogdanov

Popular ten-year-old Russian vocalist Ranel Bogdanov has an amazing stage presence with an upcoming schedule that is filled with interviews and concerts.

Introducing Nicolas Motet aka Alexander Wood

Meet 14-year-old Nicolas Motet. He sings, he acts, he dances -- all with the contagious vibrant power of a young Broadway star!

Zach Raizman – A Mind To Be Thinkin’

It is almost unbelievable that few days ago I hadn't even heard of Zach Raizman. More so because his music seems to be in my favorite genre and I was literally blown away by the songs in his album A Mind To Be Thinkin' (released in Feburary 2007).

Introducing Marko Bosnjak

Eleven-year- old Marko Bošnjak, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, sings in a way that belies his tender years, stirring strong emotions in his listeners.

Introducing Sara Martin

Sara Martin is a 14-year-old actress from Barcelona, Spain. Learn more about her in this introduction.

Introducing Singer/Songwriter Henno William

Henno William is a young, South African singer/songwriter with the ability to make a huge impression on the world music scene soon.

Introducing DevlynTyree

DevlynTyree is a 7-year-old rapper with a swagger beyond his years and on a quest to change music. This article introduces you to Devlyn and his music.

Introducing Felix Bosques Harima

Meet Felix Bosques Harima, a young artist from Seattle with a great creative talent.