Introducing Felix Bosques Harima

Meet Felix Bosques Harima, a young artist from Seattle with a great creative talent.

The Tyler Project: Introducing Tyler Lorette

Introducing Tyler Lorette with a review of three well-produced songs that reveal his charmingly clear voice and asserts his musical ability.

Introducing Jeans Boys

Full of vibrant energy, cute as buttons and super talented – meetVlad and Mishka from the Russian musical duo Jeans Boys.

Introducing DevlynTyree

DevlynTyree is a 7-year-old rapper with a swagger beyond his years and on a quest to change music. This article introduces you to Devlyn and his music.
Jacob Guay

Introducing Jacob

Introducing Jacob, a talented young singer from Canada, considered by many to be the French language answer to his fellow Canadian, Justin Bieber.
dima borodin

Introducing Dima Borodin

Get ready for a young talent who is going to take the world by storm. Introducing, Dima, a young singer from the Ukraine who plans to release his first album this year which will feature all new songs.
JETSET cover

Get Ready…Jetset…Go!

Meet Jetset Getset (JSGS), an up-and-coming teen group with an exciting new Nashville-recorded album, Saturday Night, and an accompanying music video for the title track.

Introducing Sara Martin

Sara Martin is a 14-year-old actress from Barcelona, Spain. Learn more about her in this introduction.

The Yeshiva Boys Choir: An Introduction

A choir with a  musical style that is original and creative, fresh and different.  Highly recommended!!

Introducing Ty Lewis

A 15-year-old singer from Billingham, England with voice that conveys a smokey adolescent charm.

Introducing ChenLe Zhong

Often compared to Declan Galbraith, 11-year-old Chinese singer ChenLe Zhong has an equally pure and angelic treble voice.

Introducing Matt Errs

Introducing the creative genius of Matt Errs, the One-Man-Band and “Music constructor. Follow with rhythm”.