Introducing Colton Jacobson

Meet Colton Jacobson, a 15-year-old singer from Celina, Texas, who will impress you with his high clear voice and precise notes.

Ulrik Munther

Meet 17-year-old Ulrik Munther from Sweden - gifted guitarist, songwriter and singer. Best when he's performing ballads, Ulrik's music is real and sincere.
Introducing the Bandits (aka Gizonband)

Introducing the Bandits (aka Gizonband)

Four years ago, four boys decided to form a band. Meet Jasper, Toon, Tim and Thomas – the Bandits.
Ronan Parke

Ronan Parke

Ronan Parke - a 12-year-old boy from Norwich, England won himself a lot of fans from around the world with his incredible cover of Nina Simone's Feeling Good at the third Britain’s Got Talent audition show.
dima borodin

Introducing Dima Borodin

Get ready for a young talent who is going to take the world by storm. Introducing, Dima, a young singer from the Ukraine who plans to release his first album this year which will feature all new songs.

Introducing DevlynTyree

DevlynTyree is a 7-year-old rapper with a swagger beyond his years and on a quest to change music. This article introduces you to Devlyn and his music.
Jacob Guay

Introducing Jacob

Introducing Jacob, a talented young singer from Canada, considered by many to be the French language answer to his fellow Canadian, Justin Bieber.

Introducing Ariel Sebastian

His name is Ariel Sebastian and he is an immensely talented young singer with a beautiful treble voice that evokes strong emotions in those who hear it. His angelic voice, reflecting both his passion for God and for music, is surely how it sounds when the angels praise the Lord.
Zulfat Gabdulin

Introducing Zulfat Gabdulin

Here at we take pride in introducing young talents in music and the arts from across the globe. Today we would like to introduce an incredibly gifted young singer, Zulfat Gabdulin, from Russia.

Laurin Greiter

Introducing Laurin Greiter

Introducing a promising young talent -- 12-year-old Laurin Greiter from Austria.

Gaby Del Castllo

Gaby Del Castillo

Introducing a talented young performer from Spain : Gaby Del Castillo
Oleg Aleksandrov

Introducing Oleg Aleksandrov

In this article, we have the pleasure to introduce Oleg Aleksandrov. He is seven years old, lives in the Ukraine and has a tremendous talent behind the microphone.