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    Before the Storm (2000)

    The Swedish drama "Before the Storm" features two life stories which tangle together resulting in a captivating and engaging narrative that won't leave anyone indifferent.

    Just Like Dad (1995)

    An easy going family-friendly flick that turns into a perfect choice for a laid back Sunday afternoon.

    De Boskampi’s/Little Gangster (2015)

    A twelve year old boy, fed up with being bullied all the time, uses his family's move to a new city to reinvent himself: into the son of a Mafia chieftan.

    Mommy’s Little Boy (2017 TV Movie)

    A made for TV movie that manages to both intrigue and entertain its viewers.

    The Liverpool Goalie (2010)

    First-love, friendship, bullying, self-acceptance and respect, The Liverpool Goalie shares the characteristics of many Coming-of-Age films, but without clichés. A fun filled, refreshing cinematic experience.

    Changes (2014)

    A Coming-of-Age story touching on topics such as bullying, racism, individualism vs group mentality and self-acceptance.

    My Best Enemy (2010)

    My Best Enemy is a stirring portrayal of bullying, victimization, and revenge as seen through the eyes of the film's young protagonist.

    Play (2011)

    Play is a portrayal of  the rite of passage experiences of three young Swedish boys who become victims of intimidation and psychological bullying. A provocative film, which may leave the viewer with more questions than answers.

    Cowards (2008)

    Cobardes is an excellent Coming-of-Age drama focused on violence at school better known by its proper term - Bullying.