Introducing Hasan and Ibrahim Ignatovi

Twin piano prodigies Hasan and Ibrahim Ignatovi play with such skill and passion that it casts a spell on their audiences.

Introducing Nicolas Motet aka Alexander Wood

Meet 14-year-old Nicolas Motet. He sings, he acts, he dances -- all with the contagious vibrant power of a young Broadway star!

Introducing Matt Errs

Introducing the creative genius of Matt Errs, the One-Man-Band and “Music constructor. Follow with rhythm”.

Introducing Keanrah

If you like upbeat vibes, colorful and vibrant video clips and, of course, a singer who genuinely enjoys his time under the spotlight (in front of the camera), you'll love this young performer from Germany.

Introducing Jeans Boys

Full of vibrant energy, cute as buttons and super talented – meetVlad and Mishka from the Russian musical duo Jeans Boys.

The Yeshiva Boys Choir: An Introduction

A choir with a  musical style that is original and creative, fresh and different.  Highly recommended!!

Introducing Cameron Alexander Molloy

Cameron Molloy is a 12-year-old boy whose impeccable pronunciation of lyrics and his clear fearless voice make him a rising talent.

Introducing ChenLe Zhong

Often compared to Declan Galbraith, 11-year-old Chinese singer ChenLe Zhong has an equally pure and angelic treble voice.

Introducing Cole Armour

Vocally still maturing, there are song moments when Cole Armour's clarity and precise control illustrate that this is an enormous vocal talent developing!
JETSET cover

Get Ready…Jetset…Go!

Meet Jetset Getset (JSGS), an up-and-coming teen group with an exciting new Nashville-recorded album, Saturday Night, and an accompanying music video for the title track.
rockfish young german rock band

Introducing the German Rock Band Rockfish

At the tender ages of 12 and 13, the boys of Rockfish have already made a name for themselves with their performances in Southern Germany and Italy. A review of their debut album, "Going to Get Bigger".

Introducing the Singing Duo “Sharp Turn Ahead”

Meet twin brothers Kyle and Benjamin Sharp: "Sharp Turn Ahead".