American Heart (1992)

A philosophical drama with Coming-of-Age nuances, American Heart focuses on the hardships of life by telling the story of Jack (Jeff Bridges), a recently released convict and his teenage son Nick (Edward Furlong).

Gun Smugglers (1948)

Gun Smugglers stars a young protagonist and has everything you could expect from a good Western – exciting fist fights, shootouts, lots of horse-riding  and, of course,  a beautiful maiden.

A Little Closer (2011)

Those looking for a poignant, Coming-of-Age  portrayal of sexual awakening in a dysfunctional family will appreciate the honesty and realism of A Little Closer.

Honkytonk Man (1982)

Clint Eastwood and son Kyle team in Honkeytonk Man, as they travel to Nashville pursuing a dream.

The Winds of Autumn 1976

The Winds of Autumn (1976)

An adventurous drama that has appeal for young viewers, "The Winds of Autumn", despite having been released more than forty years ago, has a story that is as engaging as any modern day adventure.
Cowboy Angels (2006)

Cowboy Angels (2006)

Cowboy Angels can be described as a mixture of several genres - drama, road film and coming of age - combining their best traits in a unique manner typically associated with the European independent cinema.
Johnny Cover

Johnny- The True Story of A Civil War Legend

Johnny is largely a historical autobiography with a touch of realistic scenes integrated in between the photographs and drawings from the Civil War.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Combining fantasy, reality and hand drawn cartoons, no matter if you are in middle school or long out of it, you're going to love Diary of a Wimpy Kid and see it more than once to re-experience the 'laughing out loud' comedy of its entire hour and half length.

Have Dreams, Will Travel (2007)

Have Dreams, Will Travel is an enjoyable coming of age tale. The viewer follows two young people, Benjamin and Cassie, and their adventures, as they cross several states on their escape to Baltimore.

CrissCross (1992)

"Crisscross" deals with the special relationship between a young single mother and her twelve-year old son.“Coming of age” film, and at the same time a sensitive drama.

August Rush

I just finished watching this absolutely incredible film. Here is how I determine what is good and what is bad in a film. Any writer...