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Drenge (1977)

Drenge is a somewhat confusing Danish film by Director Nils Malmros.

Melody (1971)

Melody is a charming, joyful film with a simple, yet beautiful and captivating, Coming-of-Age story. Highly recommended for all ages.

Cuore di mamma (1969)

Cuore di mamma is an Italian period film (1960s) which attempts to show the influence media has on children.

Bezhin Meadow (1937)

This Russian silent short film portrays a symbolic struggle between a boy of the new Russia and his evil father of the old one. A classic Coming-of-Age tale.

Forbidden Games (1952)

One of the best anti-war films I have ever seen, Forbidden Games, which features the stunning debuts of its two young protagonists, is highly recommended.

A Swarm in May (1983)

Fans of the British cinema, connoisseurs of the Coming-of-Age genre and people fond of music (and treble music in particular) are likely to enjoy watching this movie.

This Special Friendship (1964)

This Special Friendship is a film that will stay in your mind long after it has concluded. Some might find it controversial or even wrong. But if you look deep into what this film is about, and what it says, its themes are very prevalent even 50 years later in today's society.

Shoeshine (1946)

"Shoeshine" is a classic of the Coming-of-Age genre of film. Released in 1946 and set in post WWII Italy, its the story of two boys, best friends who earn money by shining the shoes of the American soldiers who occupy the city of Rome. Shoeshine is a touching, emotional and poignant film by the renowned director, Vittorio De Sica.

Come and See (1985)

In Come and See, Director Elem Klimov has created a masterpiece comparable to the 1962 acclaimed film by Andrey Tarkovsky, Ivan's Childhood. The excessive violence in the film makes it unsuitable for young viewers, but it is by far one of the most powerful Coming-of-Age dramas I have ever seen.

Incompreso (1966)

A widowed father, saddened by the loss of his beloved wife, tries to deal with his grief while taking care of his job and two young sons. Directed by Luigi Comencini, Incompreso's story of acceptance and understanding allows the audience a glimpse into the soul of a child.

Elvis! Elvis! (1976)

"Elvis! Elvis!" is done in almost a documentary fashion and shows us the world as seen and experienced by six-year-old Elvis Karlsson (Lele Dorazio). It will be especially appreciated by an audience that has already passed through the coming of age process and is able to recognize its trials and tribulations in the cinematic portrayal of the daily life of a young Swedish boy.

Czarne Stopy (1987)

Czarne Stopy presents to the viewer a different picture of youthful reality - one that some of us remember with nostalgia and which others, surrounded by computers and video games, do not know at all. This is Polish cinema for young audiences at its best!

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