The Kiddush Man

The Kiddush Man (2008)

Set in Jerusalem, The Kiddush Man is a touching Coming-of-Age short film which radiates calmness and tenderness.
The Boy Who Walked Backwards

The Boy Who Walked Backwards (1994)

In The Boy Who Walked Backwards, the poignant acting of the young Holger Thaarup as Andreas -- combined with the intriguing musical score of Nikolaj Egelunds, the skilled camera angles and the excellent editing -- result in a wonderfully told story which I don't hesitate to recommend to viewers of all ages.


Ahmed - can a person change his fate  There are many good short films  scattered around the net - discovering and watching them always turns...

The Saddest Boy in the World (2006)

The Saddest Boy in the World is an avant-garde short film that explores the inner world of a young boy overwhelmed with dark thoughts on the verge of his ninth birthday.

Shok (2015)

Shok offers a poignant Coming-of-Age narrative focusing on the friendship between two young Albanian boys during in war-torn Kosovo.


Sueños is a Spanish short film released directed by Daniel Guzmán. It was filmed in Madrid and released in 2003 and a year later won Goya award for best short film.


Aloud (2016)

A feel-good film with strong Coming-of-Age motifs and an emotive finale, Aloud delivers an excellent cinematic experience and is well worth your time.

Cafe com leite

Cafe com leiteCafe com leite is a short movie from Brazil.  The film was shot entirely in the city of Sao Paulo by a...

P.E.Z. (2004)

The film dealt with the ongoing discussion about video games and the influence they have on the minds of their young players. The film can be described as coming of age gone wrong, as the viewer observes how various factors such as music, games, isolation and bullying influence and shape the character of the main protagonist.
Have You Forgotten What We Used to Play

Have You Forgotten What We Used to Play? (2010)

"Have You Forgotten What We Used to Play?" tells the story of a childhood, of a friendship and of growing up. A young man returns to the village where he grew up and discovers that both he and the place have changed. Yet, he soon finds himself immersed in his memories.
varmint short film

VARMiNT (2012)

A 12-year-old savage boy tries to survive in a hostile world among people that seemingly regard him as a pest.

Cedar Street (2014)

A young boy is teased and prevented by his female neighbors from joining their all-girl club.

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Daniel fait face (2018)

Daniel, 10 years old, gets lost in the school corridors. He catches Marthe changing in the dressing room. Between the two children a new relationship will be forged.

Under the Sun (2012)

Under the Sun (Bajo el Sol) offers an intriguing visual take on sibling rivalry.

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