Child’s Play (1980)

Child's Play or An American Short Story is a short film released in the United States in 1980. The atmosphere of the film can easily be compared with some of the earliest adaptations of the books of Stephen King while, at the same time, the story is told in a manner not much different than one would expect to find in the tales of Hans Christian Anderson.

Roller Coaster (2008)

Roller Coaster features an abundance of dramatic and visual surprises, making its 30 minute length fly by.

Soft Like Me (1996)

Intelligent, dramatically compelling and strangely poetic examination of where we might be headed, or where we have already arrived.

The Magic Ferret

The Magic Ferret will be a family friendly film filled with hope for a better future. Read about this upcoming short film.

Skaterdater (1965)

Skaterdater is the forth short movie in the series of short movies I am reviewing at From the stats of my blog I...


Life is full of coincidences - and of them is that I got to watch the short film  "Sandman" just few days after I...

Shadow Of A Midsummer Night (2011)

A short Coming-of-Age film from Norway about a nine-year-old boy who loses his friend in an accident.

Pentecost (2011)

Pentecost is a remarkably refreshing and creative film. With ingredients such as sports, religion, youthful rebellion, and individuality – the Coming-of-Age experiences of its young protagonist are guaranteed  to charm and bring a smile to your face.

Mud (Кал) (1997)

A buddy of mine from Russia referred me to Mud (Кал). Mud is a short Bulgarian film released in 1997. Despite being made quite...

The Wholly Family (2011)

The Wholly Family, directed by Terry Gilliam, explores the experiences of a young boy who accompanies his parents on a trip to the Italian city of Naples and combines the blending of reality and fantasy with surrealistic imagery.

Computer Creed (2014)

The portrayal of the struggle of a young boy against an artificial intelligence that has taken control of the world.

Cedar Street (2014)

A young boy is teased and prevented by his female neighbors from joining their all-girl club.