Skaterdater (1965)

    Skaterdater is the forth short movie in the series of short movies I am reviewing at From the stats of my blog I...


    Milan is a short film produced in Yugoslavia.  The action takes place during the 1999 Nato  air-raids of the country. Milan, a six year...

    12 Notes Down (2008)

    12 Notes Down is a documentary film that focuses on the experiences of a young member of the Royal Chapel Choir as he realizes that his changing voice would require him to stop singing.

    Red Summer (2012)

    Coming-of-Age nuances highlight a story that focuses on the experiences of a 12-year-old as he discovers that the end of the world is imminent.

    Hazel (2012)

    Flamboyant, quirky, funny, provoking and original – all of these describe this 2012 short film from Switzerland.
    sting short film

    Sting (2007)

    Sting (also known as Stikk ) is a short coming of age film from Norway. Written and directed by Vigdis Nielsen the film focuses on bullying. The film reveals the nature of the events that occur in the schoolyard which, while not reflected by the official records, are part of the daily life at most high schools.

    Traumzähler (Dream Counter)(2001)

    It's a little bit more than 15 minutes in length. Short films are tough to make and tough to review as the Director has...
    balkanika ltd

    Balkanica LTD (2013)

    A tension filled narrative and a surprising ending are featured in Balkanika LTD -- a story of the encounter between a young Croatian boy and an adult member of the Serbian militia.

    The Sleepover

    The Sleepover (2012)

    The storyline of this horror film spoof has a masked serial killer haunting the town.

    Pentecost (2011)

    Pentecost is a remarkably refreshing and creative film. With ingredients such as sports, religion, youthful rebellion, and individuality – the Coming-of-Age experiences of its young protagonist are guaranteed  to charm and bring a smile to your face.

    Snake Bite (2016)

    A suspenseful short film, Snake Bite grabs one’s interest and holds it throughout – all the way to its original ending.

    James (2015)

    Inventively mixing elements of fantasy and real life, James offers a unique insight into the mind of a youngster dealing with bullies and family issues.