The Magic Ferret

The Magic Ferret will be a family friendly film filled with hope for a better future. Read about this upcoming short film.

Moiré (2014)

An eight-year-old struggles to establish his self-identity in this Spanish short film featuring at top notch performance by Hugo Arbués.


Milan is a short film produced in Yugoslavia.  The action takes place during the 1999 Nato  air-raids of the country. Milan, a six year...
The Man in the Red Suit (2011)

The Man in the Red Suit (2011)

The Man in the Red Suit won the 2011 Coming-of-Age Movie Award in the Best Short Film category.  Now its Director, Kevin Callies, gives this exclusive interview to

The Life of Cardboard (2011)

What happens in the mind of a boy who is being bullied or ridiculed? This short film attempts to provide an answer.

Mud (Кал) (1997)

A buddy of mine from Russia referred me to Mud (Кал). Mud is a short Bulgarian film released in 1997. Despite being made quite...

Shok (2015)

Shok offers a poignant Coming-of-Age narrative focusing on the friendship between two young Albanian boys during in war-torn Kosovo.
balkanika ltd

Balkanica LTD (2013)

A tension filled narrative and a surprising ending are featured in Balkanika LTD -- a story of the encounter between a young Croatian boy and an adult member of the Serbian militia.

Have You Forgotten What We Used to Play

Have You Forgotten What We Used to Play? (2010)

"Have You Forgotten What We Used to Play?" tells the story of a childhood, of a friendship and of growing up. A young man returns to the village where he grew up and discovers that both he and the place have changed. Yet, he soon finds himself immersed in his memories.
Bezhin Meadow

Bezhin Meadow (1937)

This Russian silent short film portrays a symbolic struggle between a boy of the new Russia and his evil father of the old one. A classic Coming-of-Age tale.

Artun (2014)

The Icelandic short film Ártún (2014) portrays the rites-of-passage of its young protagonist in a daring, true-to-life manner.

Quake – a short movie with Chase Ellison

Quake starring Chase Ellison   It is not everyday that I blog about movie which I haven`t seen yet. However the short movie Quake starring Chase...