Little Rabbit In A Hole (Haschen in der Grube) (2004)

    This German short film provides a feeling of  sensuality and intimacy, while dealing with hard to address interpersonal family issues.

    Hazel (2012)

    Flamboyant, quirky, funny, provoking and original – all of these describe this 2012 short film from Switzerland.

    Puberty (2014)

    Written, directed and edited by eleven-year-old Zach Shire, Puberty is a short film about the changes that inevitably occur in a boy.

    Cat Killer (2010)

    Two young protagonists create a homemade shooting device …and are ready to test its accuracy …with an unlikely target.

    Good Machine Gun Sound (2014)

    A slice of real life – thanks to a capable youthful cast and Director Meby's talent for working so well with it. Recommended!
    Zucht - A 12-year-old boy who is yet to feel the first trembles of love.


    Zucht is one of those movies you have to watch several times to fully get its meaning. At first the movie did not seem very promising or meaningful. One may even say that Zucht is quite a confusing film.

    Cedar Street (2014)

    A young boy is teased and prevented by his female neighbors from joining their all-girl club.

    Willy (2006)

    Having to choose between friends and a beautiful girl is almost a universal Coming-of-Age experience, wonderfully portrayed in the Swiss film "Willy".

    The Confession (2010)

    Do we always make the right choices? That’s what you will keep wondering when you see the 2010 British short film "The Confession".

    O.T.E. (2013)

    A seven-year-old boy finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world in which all adults have been killed in a pandemic.

    Jeremy (2010)

    A movie about self-discovery and determination with impressive cinematography and credible performances by its cast.

    The Crush (2010)

    The Crush evokes suspense, raises tension, shocks and/or makes one smile.