Shadow Of A Midsummer Night (2011)

A short Coming-of-Age film from Norway about a nine-year-old boy who loses his friend in an accident.

10 minutes by Ahmed Imamovic

Just opened my RSS reader and stumbled on a post about the short movie 10 Minutes. My opinion is that the movie was...

Jeremy (2010)

A movie about self-discovery and determination with impressive cinematography and credible performances by its cast.

The Pilot’s Tale

Even if I watch and review a lot of films - sometimes I stumble upon a title or an actor which are well known...
Porcelain Unicorn

Porcelain Unicorn (2010)

Director Keegan Wilcox has filled this short film with meaning, beauty, compassion and hope in the goodness of humanity. I urge you to invest three minutes of your time. It’s worth it!


Charlie 13 is part of the FutureStates TV series featuring various filmmakers' visions of what American society will look like in the future.

Gamechanger (2016)

An impactful short film well worthy of anyone’s time, a thirty-year-old man encounters (and feels compelled to join) two young boys playing war with their self-made toy guns.
We Who Stayed Behind (2008) a short coming of age film from Denmark

We Who Stayed Behind (2008)

Despite the grim portrayal of the world in We Who Stayed Behind, its ending is a positive one and offers a solution – showing a way to survive and move on.


Ahmed - can a person change his fate   There are many good short films  scattered around the net - discovering and watching them always turns...

Aloud (2016)

A feel-good film with strong Coming-of-Age motifs and an emotive finale, Aloud delivers an excellent cinematic experience and is well worth your time.

Gips (2015)

Gips is a bitter-sweet Coming-of-Age cocktail of youthful experiences. Recommended!
Tommy the kid short

Tommy The Kid

Tommy the Kid is a wonderful short film in which a boy's imagination and his adventures, as told by the Australian director Stuart Clegg, makes the reality and fantasy world blend into one truly engaging story. I don't hesitate to recommend it highly to the readers of